Precious Hearts Learning Center

 Welcome to October

 Kindergarten Readiness Class

October 9-13

Theme of the week

Apples, Apples, and Strawberries continued with pears added to the theme

Things from home needed:

Monday - NA

Tuesday - NA

Wednesday -  Sack lunch

Thursday -  NA

Friday  - Show-n-tell - Hershey bars, graham crackers and marshmallows ( pick one item to bring)

Curriculum for This week

Monday - October 9th

We will be sorting apples & seeds into piles of 1-10, tasting the different types of apples, making apple art and writing types of apples in our journals.

Tuesday - October 10th

Learning about pears, what kinds of pears, where they grow, how long it takes to get a pear from a tree, making pear art, writing the word pear in our journal.

Wednesday - October 11th

Field trip day to Papa Gerau's house to pick pears, and going to park to eat lunch and play. 

Thursday - October 12th

Make a apple pie and strawberry pie for our snack.  This will take all morning as we will be making our own crust as well.   

Friday - October 13th

Learning about trees and spending time out in the nature center watching the birds and squirrels.  Writing in our journals and painting a fall picture in the nature center.  We will make our own snack in the nature center (s'mores). 

Show and Tell

Here is a list of the themes that we will be teaching in our room the next few months.  We are very excited to begin the new school year off on a busy schedule of learning.  We are very enthusiastic about our up-coming curriculum. 

August 1-12

August 15-26
Natural Disasters
August 29-September 9
Lakes & Ponds
September 12-23
Conservation & things to explore in the woods
September 26-October 7
Falling into Fall
October 10-21
Apples, Apples, Apples
October 24-November 4
Pumpkins, Gourds oh my!!!!!
November 7-18
Family and giving Thanks with
Native Americans
November 21-December 2
Counting Snowmen
December 5-16
December 19-30
Penguin's in the arctic
January 2-13

Under the Sea

Feb 1-12

Eric Carle Week

Feb 15-19

Look Who ???

Who are we week

February 22-26

Under Construction

February 29-March 11

Dr. Seuss  Week

March 14-18

Famous books by Leo Lionni

March 21-March 25

Easter activities

March 28-April 1

Spring break fun

April 4-15

Spring Time Activities

April 18-29

Digging for Dinosaurs

May 2-13

Exploring the Jungle

May 16-27

Different Countries

May 30-June 10

Things that blow in the wind

June 13-24th


June 27 - July 8

Exploring Space

July 11 - July 22

Exploring our Body

We have great learning ideas and suggestions for all the skills we work on with your child here at the center! Feel free to follow us for weekly pins and updates and look for some of these ideas in our curriculum! And our pins can also be useful for ideas and activities at home during weekends, breaks and non-school days. 

Click HERE to check out and start following our Pinterest! 


Meet the Staff of Kindergarten Readiness


Sheldon Gerau:  

I am John & Stacy Gerau's third son, and I have been apart of the program my whole life. I attended PHLC for my entire pre-school and elementary years.  I have a degree from the University of Missouri. My major is in Early Childhood Development and my plans are to work for many years with children, following in my parents footsteps.   I have joined partners with my mother and will be under her mentoring for the next few years.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with  my friends  and family.  I love to go to the lake and hunt and fish.  It has been a joy working with young children and I look forward to serving the children of Columbia, Missouri in my future. 

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